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Tedfold Cottage Farm

Champion prize winning herd of rare breed British Saddleback, Middle White & Duroc pigs: naturally raised, outdoor reared, happier animals. Novice & Intermediate Pig Keeping Courses in West Sussex near the Hampshire & Surrey Borders.

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One-Day & Half-Day Pig Keeping & Handling Courses
"tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand”
   Gift Vouchers available for any occasion    
Urgent vouchers can be sent via email for you to print or we can send inside a nice piggy card at no extra cost
Gift Vouchers can be paid for by cheque, Paypal or BACS but don't forget to tell us where to send it and for what occasion
Unbelievably anyone can set up and run a pig keeping course
and so it is important that you know the qualifications and experience of your course provider
Click here to see our qualifications and experience
You can be taught by "celebrities" or at colleges where they have lots of staff and can perform all duties
as a part of their job and not have to pay for a bean themselves. We run our successful prize winning herd
around full-time work (including a commute - hence the title of Michaela's book) and Oliver is a full-time Vet School student at Surrey University 
So learn how to keep pigs from people who do it all themselves
as a part of their lifestyle and see that it can be done given the right knowledge!
Once you have had a read through and decided if you wish to book please use the Pig Course Booking Page

  One-day Pig keeping for novices, beginners and enthusiasts
This friendly, very hands-on course is designed for people who are starting out with pigs, want some hands on experience of pigs, are considering keeping pigs or for the novice pig keeper. This is a specialist pig course so if you only want to "play" with pigs you may find the level of instruction beyond your requirements.
We will show you how to set up your facilities whether it is for a couple of fattening weaners or a full registered breeding herd.
Only experiencing pigs close up and personal can you decide if they are for you or not and on our one-day pig course the hands-on includes an introduction to stick and boarding pigs, we don't just go into pen after pen and scratch a few pigs -  we promote true interaction with our pigs.
To cover all the aspects listed in the table below the course will be an approx 50:50 mix of indoor discussion and outdoor hands-on, with different aged pigs and an introductory lesson to stick and boarding. Emphasis is on the "hands-on" wherever possible to maximise your experience.
The course runs from 9.30am until 5pm and is restricted to a maximum of 8 people, so everyone gets hands on experience and there is lots of time for questions or to go over an area again if required. The cost of the novice course is £99 per person or £95 per person for two or more sharing a manual and includes a comprehensive, colour course manual for each delegate to take away, complimentary refreshments including a Rare Breed Pedigree Pork lunch and full support after you have decided to keep pigs - In fact all you need to bring is a coat and clean wellies.
We truely believe that you will save the cost of your pig course with us many times over 
by getting it right the first time, and not making rooky mistakes.
You will get as much support via email or telephone that you require before or after you start
keeping pigs - it is a part of your course with us... not an extra!
 A £10 discount voucher will also be given to each delegate to attend the half-day handling course.
"Never expect success but always prepare for it" 
    Half-Day Intermediate Pig Handling Workshops  
These half day workshops are designed to give people who wish to expand their pig handling experience, learn how to select a pig with show potential, have a practice at showing pigs, build confidence in handling pigs and piglets without having to cover the basics again, hands-on loading pigs that have never been in a trailer before, boar handling or just want an afternoon in the company of pigs. There will be a bit of theory over coffee & cake but 90% is hands on practice with our trained and untrained pigs.
This course runs from 1pm to 4.30pm and will be limited to 6 people. The cost of the handling workshop is £55 per person (or £50 pp for two or more sharing a manual) and includes a colour workshop manual, complimentary refreshments plus full continuing support should you need it. As this course is held almost completely outside, if the weather is vile then delegates will be given the option to change the day to any other weekend date when another course is not being held.
Further information on one-day course and workshop content
Husbandry(one day course only)
Housing, bedding and fencing
Space required
What to feed - incl. costs, quantity and frequency
Basic stick and board handling including hands-on practice
Livestock trailers
Identification of pedigree and non-pedigree animals incl.
(both courses)
Tagging / tattooing /slapmarking
Ear notching
Pedigree registration
What do those registration numbers mean?
Keeping your herd healthy
(one day course only)
Keeping pigs healthy and the five freedoms
De-worming and vaccination
When and how to wean safely
Biosecurity of your herd
Handling and training pigs (half day workshop only)
Selecting a pig with show potential
Good underline/bad underline
Stick and board training (lots of hands on)
Loading in a trailer (hands on, using a pig that has not loaded before)
Showing and handling
Show preparation
Ring etiquette

Rules and regulations incl.(one day course only)

Defra / BPA paperwork

CPH and herd number
Travelling rules
Movement forms
Medicine regulations

Marketing and advertising your excess stock

(one day course only)

Free advertising sites

Official breed sites

Via your own website - it can be completely free!

How much to charge for your weaners/older stock

Purchasing stock(one day course only)
What breed to choose
Implications of breeding (pedigree vs. non-pedigree)
Where to source stock
Keeping a stud boar
Pregnancy, farrowing and litter care
Males or females?
What to look for when buying including breed standards
How much you should pay
When the time comes...
(one day course only)
At what weight or age do you send the pig off?
How to source an abattoir and a butcher
What cuts of meat are available?
How much can I sell the meat for and where?
Although the courses have been designed with adults in mind, adult-accompanied, mature outlook older children are welcome
if you think they will be able to cope, particularly with the necessary discussion of "red tape".
A selection of testimonials from the Courses
Thank you so much for Sunday. I feel exceptionally well prepared for the arrival of our porkers and am so grateful to you for such a comprehensive and helpful course. We dined like Lords too! I have written about it on my blog. I will be sure to pass on your details to all who enquire! LIV 2016
Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much we enjoyed the course yesterday. It was a fantastic day and we felt we learnt lots! Jane & Perry 2016
Thank you both for a really interesting and enjoyable day on the farm. Your pigs are stunning .The day course was really good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone who may be interested in pig keeping. Ricky
Great day at the rare breed pig keeping course @TedfoldPigs All I need is a farm now!  Regula & Bruno (Belgium) via Twitter
Many thanks from Ann Wendy and Sandra for an extremely interesting day amazing hospitality and for all the information imparted. Sandra feels that she will be able to accept that her "babies" will finally end up as roast pork but will give them the best possible life so we will be in touch when we have organised fencing arcs etc. We both think it is better to start small and work up as beginners. Many thanks again for a very enjoyable Sunday despite the dire weather - Ann
Just a very quick Thank you! for a really useful, informative and enjoyable day on your farm on Sunday. We both loved it and will certainly take this further. I started knowing nothing about pigs or their welfare and now I feel that I could make a serious effort to start my own smallholding - and I know where to go for expert advice! Thanks again hope to see you in Ardingly or Edenbridge & Oxted. All the best Bob & Mandy
How to do it and work full-time is incredible. I am so please that we attended your course and feel fully confident that we will make a success of our enterprise and your manual is now our piggy bible Natalie & Frederick (Haywards Heath)
Thankyou so much for our course, it was amazing from the food to the pigs and especially the stick and boarding - Neil makes it look so easy we cannot wait to get started - thankyou Rupert & Sandie (Tunbridge)
Thank for an inspirational day that has given us the drive to pursue our ambition to rear and to breed rare breed pigs. You have installed us both with a confidence to get on with ambition with the knowledge that you are happy to support novices as they gain experience. I have now sent application off to join ladies in pigs and look forward to hearing from them in the near future. We are going to view a property this weekend with 2.2 acres of open field, no woodland which is a shame.... Again thank you for a enjoyable and motivational day. Fran & Jeff
Just wanted to drop you a note to say we really enjoyed the course on Sunday. It was a really interesting day, and we're now hooked! So much so we're rethinking the property search to make sure we've got plenty of space for more than couple of weaners in case we get really in to it - off to see somewhere with 8 acres on Saturday! Jennie & Richard
Sorry for the delay but like you I work full time. I just wanted to say thank you for the great day last sunday. I learnt loads and it confirmed to me that I do want to keep some pigs. Your enthusiasm, lovely piggies, lovely food and willingness to share your knowledge made the day very enjoyable and the information I have taken away will help me to get started but don't be surprised if I am in contact for my first pigs or advice for were to go if you don't have any. I will probably have other questions but at present I am in the process of getting the stock fencing and then all the other bits I need. As I am doing it myself it may take some time so I do not think it will be this year before I am ready. Disappointed as after Sunday I could have taken some home with me! Thank you again Viv (Sussex)
Just like to say thank you for the course you ran last weekend (27/05/12) it was great learnt loads, learnt i cant control a pig with a little board and a stick well not yet anyway but great fun. TONY (Kent)

We just wanted to thank you both for a very enjoyable course yesterday. It great to be so hands on and we learned a great deal. Lunch was really tasty too! It all just added to the enthusiasm we already had, but now we are armed with some knowledge too. Many thanks it was a very enjoyable day. Anne and Nigel (Essex).


  I thoroughly enjoyed the pigkeeping course and meeting you, Oliver and your girls yesterday - thank you. James (Kent)



Thanks for a great course. I am in the process of setting myself up to house some so watch this space.  - Brian


Thanks for the great day on Saturday, we really enjoyed it, mud included! Paul has been looking for a trailer on EBay since we got back!! We will be back in touch as soon as we are ready for the pigs but in the meantime any chance of the recipe for the shortbread from your friend??:)))) Thanks Paul and Julie


Just wanted to say what a great time I had on Sunday, the course ticked all the boxes, both for handling and knowledge I have gained, now boring all my friends and family with pig facts. Keep up the good work. JACKY
Hi! I really enjoyed yesterday and came home with a head full of ideas, Thanks again, it was really fun and informative ANNA
We so enjoyed our day with you both-apart from being delightful company ,you are so well versed in your Pig breeding subject that I, even I,learnt more in one day than seemed possible Lunch was a reminder as to how pork can be and frolicking with the beasts will stay in my memory forever George, Sue, Dee & David
Many thanks for a great day today with you both – I really enjoyed being able to have some hands on experience and to see how your pigs are looked after. Lunch and the cakes were also lovely! Caroline
Had a fantastic day playing with the pigs. Pigs never really appealed to me before this course now feel confident enough to plan for them. Thanks for everything really enjoyed it.
P.s. Lunch was delicious!! Peter

My pigs are here and I’m so pleased with them! Thanks so much for your help and enthusiasm that has got me this far! Heather (2012) previous course delegate
I know Michaela says you're there to be asked questions, but to say it and to go through with it, (and so many times!) with so much enthusiasm... Not to be taken for granted! Especially to a novice, such as myself :-) Sandra (2012) previous course delegate

I really appreciate all of your help. You wrote me such a long and useful reply the other day – it must have taken hours! It’s lovely to have you both as a lifeline whilst I’m setting things up. Thanks again. Heather (2012) previous course delegate


Many thanks for a great day last Sunday: I was keen anyway but now I am even more keen. Thanks for the all the practical bits, but also for the inspiration especially about how to do right for your pigs. Jon
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the course and your enthusiasm and friendly input, and very well thought out content to the course, we are buzzing with inspiration as a result. I am sure we will have questions in the future, we think the saddle backs are too big for us and the space so think we will probably go for the lovely mangalitzas but we have to do a lot of fencing before we can go ahead, but I will get in touch with your friend Athena at Marringdean and see if she might still be running in spring as you did say she had sold her herd. Your fencing info in the goodie pack will be very handy in trying to sort that out. We were so lucky to have such lovely weather in nov especially as its so horrid today! Many many thanks for a wonderful course and hospitality and wonderful warm feeling that you extended to us all and being able to see your set up too.Sue & Keith
Thank you for a fantastic day yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the day, and loved spending time with your pigs. One day, when I have more than a city flat, I shall definately be looking further into keeping some pigs! Thank you so much for a great atmosphere, lovely meat, great learning and a really engaging day. Phil.

I had an absolutely brilliant time with you yesterday. Thanks so much for such a great day. I learnt so much and feel that I now have a really all-round idea of what I’m getting myself into! I will keep in touch! Heather
I just wanted to say thankyou for a lovely day last Sunday. I really enjoyed myself. the pigs were great, so was the company and the food was fab. I would recommend your course to anyone thinking of purchasing a pig!! even those like me who are just interested in pigs as pets!!! once again thanks for your help and advice i will be keeping in touch. Jacqueline.

Thank you so much for todays (25th Sept) pig keeping course. Elfed and I thoroughly enjoyed our day and it has definately confirmed in our minds that pigs are totally appropriate for our land and our lifestyle. I think we will spend the autumn and the winter coping with what we already have and getting things ready for the pigs to arrive and if I'm right that might tie in with Lotties' litter which would arrive in Dec/Jan and therefore be weaned and ready in March time - the perfect birthday present, I think I will put them on my wish list now!!
Thanks again for a great day, Elfed and Karina
Just a note to say a big Thank you for our time last Sunday (21st August). We both really enjoyed the course and found it most informative. It certainly has given us the desire and confidence to start keeping pigs. We will keep you informed as we go and know that there will be questions along the way.Again Many Thanks. Tim & Sue
Many thanks for a great day with your pigs and all the information that you provided which has certainly given us an insight into the whole subject of rearing pigs for meat and breeding. It was very interesting, particularly for me, the set up of the pig enclosures etc. GILL

Thank you so much for today. To say that I enjoyed it would be somewhat of an understatement, and I feel confident that I can look after pigs using good husbandry and bio-security. It was great to get hands on with some of the pigs today, I can't wait to get my own! Many many thanks, Sandra
I wanted to say thankyou for the pig course and how much we enjoyed it . Clare and I had a really fun , interesting and informative day . We thought you had the balance between classrooom and hands-on just right and we are sure that the course literature will be a very well-used resource in the future . The lunch was really good too . We were amazed to see photos of us steering ( or should that be steered by? ) your pigs up on the website the next day. Many thanks again for an excellent course Duncan & Clare
Thank you so much for such a fabulous day yesterday. We all three had a great time. Delicious pork lunch and cakes. I have definatly got Rob on side now to enjoy OUR new hobby!!! Simons wife isnt convinced shes not going to be roped into piggy chores, but we'll soon have her loving them !! Fencers came today to start fencing and Simon was on line last night looking at pig huts, its all go down here! we'll be in touch
many thanks again. Mel Rob and Simon

Thank you both so much for a really enjoyable and informative day last Saturday, we both thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your gorgeous pigs!!  I really wasn’t sure what to expect having no experience with pigs but I found your approach to pig keeping a really good mix of theory and practical without being daunting. I will definitely recommend you to any aspiring pig keepers! Sarah & Richard


Thank you for a great day, very informative, good fun, delicious dinner! We are now ready to get our pigs and have decided on Oxford Sandy & Blacks. Andy & Stephen
I really enjoyed the pig course and am now keen to get cracking on getting things set up. Angela

Just to say thank you for yesterday . We learnt a lot and had fun.. the memory of Joe handling a pig twice his size with the stick and board will stay with me for some time!! Nicola


Thank you both so much for such a great course, so informative and we came back very excited about keeping our pigs - Rachel & Jonathan
Many thanks for a wonderful day – very informative and highly enjoyable! I felt that you had the right balance between providing us with the information that we needed with the fun of being with the pigs. The lunch and tea were delicious too! - David

Thanks for a great course. We really enjoyed ourselves and felt we learned loads - Colin



Thank you very much for a very enjoyable day last Sunday. George and I found it really interesting and informative. The food was fantastic too! -Dan & George

Thank you so much for a great day on Sunday. Loads of information, adorable pigs, a laugh trying very unsuccessfully to walk one and delicious food. Mary
I just wanted to say a big thank you for this sunday. Tony & I really enjoyed the day, delicious food and such fun with the pigs. It was just the perfect balance of information and hands on. I hope that all went well with Lucy's litter. Very exciting leaving you knowing that there would be new borns within hours. Andrea
I just wanted to send through my thanks to both for a thoroughly enjoyable day with your pigs. What pleasures they are! Ben
We had a fabulous day yesterday. The course was great fun and really informative. As for the food.........! My personal highlight was walking Swaysie round. Theresa
"Thanks again to the whole family for a brilliant day yesterday. As I said to you, weeks of reading and googling wouldn't have given me half the information nor any of the experience I gained from your course. All I need now is my field..." Helen
"Thank you also for such a fab day yesterday, so informative and your pigs are lovely! Please also thank Oliver - you all work so hard!" Bridget
"Just a quick note to say thanks for a fantastic day yesterday. You covered every aspect from the curious-thinking-about-it amateurs (like us) to the more commercial side of pig rearing with great effect. This was Jayne's birthday present but we both thouroughly enjoyed our time and learnt so much. Clearly your stock is a happy one. All the best for the future and we'd recommend this course to anyone. Chris and Jayne

"Thank you all for a great day. I learnt so much. I had read a few articles and googled loads of things. But you can't beat talking to someone really doing it. The interaction with the animals cemented my longing to get some pigs. I really couldn't ask for more. The mix of hand on and factual was perfect.

You all really showed your passion for the animals and not just treated it as a way to make some money. You went that extra mile with everything, the course material, your knowledge and experience and your hospitality, the food and cakes were fabulous. " Sam
Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday, it was a really great experience. I am definitely hooked. Jason
"I wasn't expecting such a hands on day - a very nice surprise. The balance between theory and hands-on was perfectly pitched, I cannot wait to get started" Graham
"A perfect day, from feeding the pigs to the lunch to realising stick and boarding is not as easy as it looks" Tina
"Our only regret is that we didn't steal that really cute piglet.... what a course, what excellent value for money" Martin and Susan
"I cannot wait to be as passionate about my future pigs as you are about yours - quite simply the best course I have been on" Brenda
"you said continuing support after the course and you have been fantastic; helping to source my Middle White weaners and making sure we are still OK a few weeks later - I could not do it without your manual to refer to - huge thanks Heather
Thanks for the pig handling afternoon with you all -it was fab!! Gill
Your day course manual is brilliant you should get it published! Thanks for all your help -Shannon
Thank you for a great day on Saturday, We really enjoyed every minute and came away feeling confident of being able to look after pigs especially with your back up if we have any worries. We will certainly be intouch in the new year once we have fencing etc sorted. Thanking you again and would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking like us of having pigs - Terry and Caroline
Thanks for a great day on Saturday I really enjoyed myself and feel I've learned lots - Barley
Thank you so much for a really lovely day on saturday. It was such a spirited, hands-on course that I soaked up lots of great knowledge (and lemon drizzle cake)! We are forging ahead with our own piggy palace. Your relaxed and confident approach to pig keeping was so encouraging - I just hope I can follow your inspirational example. Many thanks also for the marvellous food - Candace
We had such a good time learning on your course, I'm still having trouble shutting up about it. I think my friends are thoroughly sick of me now, but soon they'll be here. We're planning on getting some around the beginning of next year, when the weather starts getting cheery again. I'll let you know of our progress. Thanks so much - Marie and Owen