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Tedfold Cottage Farm

Champion prize winning herd of rare breed British Saddleback, Middle White & Duroc pigs: naturally raised, outdoor reared, happier animals. Novice & Intermediate Pig Keeping Courses in West Sussex near the Hampshire & Surrey Borders.

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The Tedfold Herd of Middlewhite Pigs


                                                     WESTERLY REVIVAL 20 (Ralph) born 6th December 2013
                                                                        TEDFOLD CAPTAIN 55 (Father Dougal) born July 2015      
                                                                                            Best of Breed Heathfield Show 2016
                                                                                          Breed Champion Egham Royal 2016
                                                                                       Breed Champion Edenbridge & Oxted 2016
                                                                                             Pig of the Year qualifier Norfolk 2016
                                                                                                Breed Champion Newbury 2016
                                                                    Highest placed boar in Middle White Champion of Champions 2016 Great Yorkshire
                                                                                    Chosen for BPA Herd Book Photograph 2016                   
                                                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of the BPA
                                                                    Both boars available to hire at £60/sow inclusive of litter notification.
                                     B&B for visiting sows coming here £3 per day. Hire discount for more than two sows being served at the same time.
                                                      One hire fee of £80 for unregistered / cross breeding for a maximum of 6 weeks stay
                                                                             STUD FEE DONATED TO THE SMILE TRAIN CHARITY
   If the boar is going to your farm then he must be fed an agreed diet of proprietary commercial pig feed - strictly no 'alternative' feeding -
                                                                               and be dewormed before returning.
                                  All sows must be vaccinated against Erysipelas and parvo virus, dewormed and be lice free.
                       A very rare occurrence but if the visiting sow requires veterinary treatment then full costs must be met by the owner.
                                                                                       TEDFOLD CAPTAIN 72 (Efron) born January 2016  
                                                                 Supreme Best in Show Surrey County Show 2016, Best of Breed (Sold to Japan)
                                                                                                Breed Champion Norfolk 2016
                                                                                      TEDFOLD CAPTAIN 87 (Ezra) born July 2016
                                                                                                                 photo soon
                                     MIDDLE WHITE SOW LINES (FAIR LADY & DOROTHY)
                                                                                         Alsa Fair Lady 1531 (Brooke) born 17th January 2012
                                                               TEDFOLD FAIRLADY 31 (Cheryl) born January 2014)
                                                                TEDFOLD FAIRLADY 75 (Elle) born January 2016 (SOLD)
                                                                            Photos to follow when she gets out of the muddy wallow - if she ever gets out!
                                                                                  TEDFOLD FAIRLADY (Persephone) Born July 2015
                                                                        will be registered & photographed soon
                                                              LEWIN DOROTHY 26 & LEWIN DOROTHY 27 born January 2016
                                                                                  Ditto the wallow reason!!
                                                                TEDFOLD FAIRLADY 95 (Fearne) born January 2017
                                                                TEDFOLD FAIRLADY 101 (Fatima) born March 2017