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Tedfold Cottage Farm

Champion prize winning herd of rare breed British Saddleback, Middle White & Duroc pigs: naturally raised, outdoor reared, happier animals. Novice & Intermediate Pig Keeping Courses in West Sussex near the Hampshire & Surrey Borders.

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Latest News
October 2017 - Sad news so early in the month. Brooke gave birth to 14, her largest litter to date, but sadly it seems something disturbed her as I found 11 dead. All but one had taken a breath and it seems she squashed them - even she looked a bit down about it. Sometimes pig farming is not nice. The remaining three seem to be doing OK. Next time she can farrow indoors with me watching on our new cameras.
September 2017 - We now have Duroc's! I agreed with Ollie that we should buy some in 2018 as it is a breed we have both admired for a while. So how we ended up with two gilts and a boar in 2017 remains a mystery. I popped to the USA for a short holiday and Ollie had bought two more!
We won't have any babies until 2018 and between now and then I will update the website to include a Duroc page. We purchased them from two of the best breeders in the UK so fingers crossed we do well.
August 2017 - We had the BBC following us around and filming us for two days. Dreading when its aired LOL. I'll update the website with 'As seen on TV' when I'm allowed.
July - My book won the 2017 Diagram Prize!!! So chuffed. I can now call myself a prize winning author :) even though it is a very quirky award
July - We now have 7 litters on the ground and growing well. Two British Saddleback litters and five Middle White litters. We have one more Middle White litter due in early October (Brooke only conceives when she decides - LOL) - Fingers crossed Ollie can pick out some nice gilts and boars to show in 2018. Still yet to win the elusive Pig of the Year - came our closest this year with Ezra winning Champion Traditional Male in The Pig of the Year semi-finals earning him a spot in the Pig of the Year final.
July - Singleton Rare Breeds Show - due to a shortage of pens, we only entered 3 young gilts into this show. Fatima and Fearne came 1st and 2nd respectively in the White January Gilt class with Fatima winning White Pig Champion. Mini-Molly won 2nd in the Coloured January Gilt class. Fatima then won Overall Supreme Interbreed Champion Pig of the Show. She then got to parade around the main ring. Fatima was born on the 16th March 2017, probably making her the youngest ever Supreme Champion!
July - Great Yorkshire Show - Not the best day for prizes on the first day (Tuesday) of the GYS: Ezra came 5th in July Boar Class, Brooke came 4th in Sow class, with Fatima and Fearne winning 3rd and 4th respectively.
Wednesday at GYS: Ezra WON Traditional Male Champion in Pig of the Year against numerous other boars that qualified from all over the country. Amazing result that we won't forget the feeling of winning for a long time.
Thursday at GYS: We had 3 pigs in the Middle White Champion of Champions. Fearne and Fatima were unfortunately sent out of the ring with all other pigs born after 1st January. Ezra eventually WON Middle White Champion of Champions !! Whoop Whoop !! Another amazing result... made up for Ollie as he does all the choosing of the pigs.
June Royal Norfolk Show - British Saddleback classes: Statham won 1st in January Boar and Male Champion, He then went on to win Reserve Pig of the Year Qualifier, Mini Molly 2nd January Gilt. Middle White classes: Ezra won 1st July Boar and Reserve Male Champion. Brooke 2nd in Sow Class and march born Gilt Fatima won 3rd prize.
June - Three Counties Rare Breed Show- British Saddleback classes: Big Molly 1st place in sow class and Breed Champion, Mini-Molly 2nd in January Gilt class. Middle White Classes: Father Dougal 2nd in Senior Boar Class, Brooke 2nd in sow class and Fearne 1st in Jan Gilt class and Reserve Breed Champion.
June - Royal Three Counties Show - British Saddleback classes: Statham 2nd in January boar class and Reserve Male Saddleback Champion. Big Molly 3rd place in sow class, Mini-Molly 2nd in January Gilt class.
Middle White classes: Ezra 2nd in senior boar class and reserve qualifier for Pig of the Year, Brooke 1st place in sow class, Fearne 1st in January gilt class plus Reserve Breed Champion.
June - South of England Show: British Saddleback classes - Statham 1st in January boar and Male Champion, Big Molly 1st place in sow class, Mini-Molly 2nd in January gilt class. Big Molly British Saddleback Breed Champion.
Middle White classes - Ezra 1st place July boar,Male Champion, overall breed champion plus Reserve qualifier for Pig of the Year, Brooke 1st place in sow class and overall Female Champion plus Reserve Breed Champion, Fearne 2nd in January gilt class.
May - SURREY COUNTY SHOW Interbreed: Tedfold Molly (Big Molly) 1st placed sow, Tedfold Molly 10A (Mini-Molly) 1st place and Tedfold Fairlady 95 (Fearne) 2nd place in January gilt class, Tedfold Grandduke 8A (Statham) 2nd in January boar class. Mini-Molly British Saddleback Breed Champion & Fearne Middle White Breed Champion.
May  - HEATHFIELD SHOW Interbreed:Tedfold Captain 87 (Ezra) 1st place July boar, Tedfold Molly (Big Molly) 2nd place sow, Tedfold Molly 10A (Mini-Molly) 1st place January born & British Saddleback Breed Champion.
April 23rd - We have named our little Saddleback boar Statham. He's really starting to fill out and now so friendly we are worried he's going to roll over for a belly rub in the show ring. We are also exporting two  British Saddlebacks to join an existing herd in France. Michaela will be doing the trip so that Ollie can plant his nose firmly into his studies in a quiet house. Show entries are also being made thick and fast :) 
March 19th - Going through our selected pigs from the January borns to see if they are still up to par. We have a very nice MW gilt (Fearne), a beautiful Saddleback gilt (Mini Molly) and a nice tall Saddleback boar as yet unnamed. We prefer the markings on his litter brother but alas his underline is a bit skew whiff.
March 16th - Brooke finally had her litter of 9 by Ralph. She sadly squashed two but the remaining 7 are growing like weeds.
February 25th - First pig course of 2017. Brilliant bunch of delegates including one chap booked on the March course who was so excited he turned up a month early :) We all squidged up and I always over cater on the roast pork so all was well.
January 7th 2017 - First British Saddleback litter and a couple of crackers in the litter by the looks so far
January 3rd 2017 - First litter of Tedfold babies born this year. Congrats to Cheryl and Ralph
October 11th - Efron, Tedfold Captain 72 left the farm on the first leg of his journey to JAPAN :) A Tedfold pig in Japan YAY!!
September 25th - Our very own Tedfold Molly 1A aka Baby Molly won Reserve Champion Traditional female in the BPA Young Pig of the Year 2016 -  where all the best pigs born this year that qualified at shows throughout the UK came together for the grand final.  
September 2016 - Some of our Middle Whites have been selected as possible candidates for export to Japan as breeding stock.... watch this space!! Very exciting!
Newbury Show 2016 - 1st place Middle white July boar, 2nd place MW sow, 2nd & 4th place January gilts. 3rd place Interbreed boar against senior boars, Middle White Breed Champion. Judge Julian Newth.
August 2016 - Sorry we have been so busy that I forgot to update all our show results.... so here goes
Edenbridge and Oxted - Tedfold Captain 55 won Middlewhite breed champion and reserve white pig champion. Judge Hannah Rose
Egham - Alsa Fairlady 1531 won Breed champion and reserve supreme champion with Tedfold Captain 55 as reserve breed champion. Judge Sarah Ashcroft
Chertsey - Alsa Fairlady 1531 was Middlewhite Breed champion with Tedfold Captain 55 as reserve. Tedfold Molly 1A (Saddleback) won Saddleback breed champion and Supreme champion. Judge David Finch
Singleton Rare Breed show - Alsa Fairlady 1531 was Middlewhite breed champion, White pig champion and reserve interbreed supreme champion. Tedfold fair lady 76 was reserve white pig and breed champion. Judge Andy Gready
Yorkshire - Tedfold Captain 55 came 2nd in his class, First and second in the January boar class with Tedfold Captain 72 and 73. In the Middlewhite Champion of Champions Tedfold Captain(s) 55 and 72 and Tedfold Fairlady 75 made the final seven in the pot of 30 pigs. Judge Stan Samuels
Norfolk - Middlewhite breed champion  with Tedfold Captain 72 and Reserve breed champion with Tedfold Fairlady 75. Tedfold Captain 55 qualified for Pig of the Year and Tedfold Molly 1A got reserve qualifier for Pig of the Year. Judge Brian Upchurch
Cheshire - Reserve Middle White breed champion with Tedfold Fairlady 75 and won the Flack pairs championship with Tedfold Captain 72 and Tedfold Fairlady 75, plus reserve Pig of the Year qualifier with Tedfold Captain 55. Judge Julian Collings
South of England - British Saddleback breed champion and Reserve Supreme Interbreed Champion with Tedfold Molly 1M and Young Pig of the Year qualifier and Reserve Pig of the Year qualifier with Tedfold Molly 1A. Judge Guy Kiddy / Alan Rose
May 30th - Surrey County Show. Tedfold Molly (Big Molly - British Saddleback) won the interbreed sow class, Tedfold Molly 1A (Baby Molly - British Saddleback) came second in her class & Tedfold Captain 72 (Efron - Middlewhite) came first in his class and then took Supreme Champion, Best in Show perpetual trophy, & Breed Champion. What a little star!! Judge Charlie Bull
May 28th - Heathfield Show -  Father Dougal aka Tedfold Captain 55 won his class and Best of Breed (Middlewhite) & Tedfold Molly (British Saddleback) won the interbreed sow class under judge Nick Kiddy
May 2016 - all go here. Pig courses are going well with cracking delegates as usual. Piglets being born, more sows pregnant. Pig shows have been entered and Michaela has her first book being published on the 1st August 2016 (UK) and 30th August (USA, NZ & AUS) by 5M publishing and available to pre-order on Amazon
March 2016 - Piglets born, piglets due, the first pig course of 2016 was a great success and now our attention has turned to pig show entries. Its going to be a busy year AGAIN!!
November 2015 - we have sold both the flock of sheep and the herd of Boer goats - sad but being mad busy in my 'proper job' and Oliver starting at Vet School means we have had to seriously cut back on the animals we have. What it has done though is made us really look hard at the pigs we have kept to ensure we start off again in the spring with the highest quality stock. I have to say it is very quiet here at the moment. The last pig course of 2015 has been hosted and we will now hunker down until the spring. We do have litters of pigs due in January to look forward to though :)